Friday, February 29, 2008

QRCodes in action!

Typing a web address with the number based keypads of cellphones is an annoying process for the majority of wireless subscribers that don't have phones with QWERTY keypads. If you don't agree try typing the address below with your cellphone:
By using QRCodes wireless subscribers just SCAN & GO. Here is a small list of QRCodes usage:

  1. ORCodes & Facebook

  2. "Add to friends" link of facebook is encoded into a QRCode image and printed on a t-shirt. Seeing people around you, trying to scan your t-shirt with their cellphone will be freaky.

  3. QRKill - shooting game

  4. QRKill is a QRCode powered game. Players stick in their back a QRCode with his/her telephone and name encoded. They will have to kill each other capturing the code and sending an SMS. Players will be eliminated right after receiving a deathly SMS.

  5. Product Information

  6. McDonald's in Japan is printing the QRCodes on all its food packaging so customers know exactly what they are eating. By scanning the code with their cameraphone McDo lovers access all the information about the McFood including any potential allergy warnings.

    QRCodes are very popular in Japan. I haven't seen any printed QRCode in Turkey but according to me they'll catch attraction of Mobile advertisers soon. Here's another image that shows a product with information printed on it via QRCodes.