Wednesday, February 27, 2008

QRCodes are becoming popular

QRCodes are two dimensional barcodes that can be decoded (scanned) at high speed. QrCode is created by Japanese corporation Denso-Wave. These two dimentisional bar codes are very common in Japan. They are widely used in ad sector.
URLs, Text, Phone numbers can be encoded in these codes. There are J2ME applications that can decode QRCodes. If you have a java enabled cell phone with a camera, install the application from and begin scanning QRCodes.

I am going to list what can be done with a QRCode reader and a QRCode generator later in this blog.

The image in this post is an example of generated QR Code. Guess what is encoded in the picture. Install the QRCode reader and scan the image ;)


streetstylz said...

Give the NeoReader a try :)

It is able to read and decipher all common non-proprietary 2D codes (Data Matrix, QR, Aztec, Maxi) as well as URL embedded 2D codes and all 1D UPC/EAN/Code 128 open source codes. The NeoReader supports direct and indirect code linking, which guarantees maximum interoperability with already existing platforms like 2D Data Matrix Semacodes, and Japanese QR links. This allows the user to click on a variety of codes with a single application installed on their mobile device.